Embrace Feeling Lost

24 years old
Graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso 2009-2014
double major in Organizational Corporate Communications and Public relations
minored in Commercial Music Production
Vice President of The Future Leaders in Public Relations
President and founder of The Public Relations Ambassadors
member of Public Relation Professionals of the South West, Toms Campus Club, Campus Activities Board during University years.
Currently traveling and looking for a career in PR that works with students.

I was once told “College isn’t hard. Making yourself do it is the real challenge.” A year later sitting at the steps of my advisors office contemplating maybe this wasn’t for me I remember thinking, liar.

As you might have already experienced, during your last year of high school it will be the time for you and your family to make a decision on your top contending Universities and maybe take a visit before you apply/ enroll. Most young adults enter the University of their choice with an idea of who they would like to become at some point post grad. All I knew is that even though I didn’t know what I would do in life I wanted to be happy. I stumbled into University as lost as any boy would be in Neverland.

I didn’t know it then but being lost would later become my biggest blessing.

Dealing with the constant confusion was annoying and stressful at first. My eyes as yours will also be were opened to a world of possibilities; psychology, English, communication, all these wonderful majors. I wanted them all. That’s when one quickly becomes the,“ ten time major switch”, before you settle in stereotype. I allowed my curiosity to guide me and followed my gut, not something many kids paying tuition out of pocket including myself would always recommend but it was definitely fun. Your first years may vary in difficulty levels, but remember the basics are to weed out the students who are not entirely committed to a higher education. If you are lucky and still have a few classes from your basics that will transfer to any major left then sign up for them and use that semester wisely and make a concrete decision. If you happen to be out of those courses then try and narrow your options to majors in the same department where the first of your core courses may still transfer within that same college.

During this time of finding yourself my advice to you, if like me, you feel lost, or simply want to try something new is to try it all. This is when exploring and allowing yourself to get lost is perfectly acceptable. Get involved in everything that is different and anything that catches your eye, most importantly join those activities that will challenge you and bring you out of your element.
Forcing yourself to try new things, meeting new people, exploring new cultures will allow you to learn what interests you and learn from every experience good, awkward or just plain bad. Who knows, you could be a fantastic archeologist and may have not even contemplated that option before. Any University you attend will have endless amounts of clubs, organizations, student activities, etc. See how far you can push yourself and what your capable of.
Always test your boundaries without fear.

My hopes for you are that you get lost. Get lost in everything that is new, interesting, strange, and beautiful.

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