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Antoine Shelton was born and raised in southern New Jersey and is an alumnus of Florida A&M University. While at FAMU he studied broadcast journalism and developed his multimedia reporting and story telling skills. He has been a correspondent for his campus newspaper the Famuan and multimedia journalist for his campus television station FAMU TV-20. He enjoys working out, both playing and watching sports.His favorite football team is the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In today’s fast pace college environment filled with looking down at your phone screen and not much interaction anymore it’s the little things that we seem to forget while actually in college. Many of us look at our phones while communicating with others who could very well be in the next room. Without hesitation as soon as you arrive on campus the first thing you do is plug in your headphones and search for music to play and become anti-social. Even in classes college students tend to drift off into another zone to find some escape from the lecture they are enduring.
There is a simple solution to this growing problem. Simply put the phone down and embrace the moments you’re in at that very time.
Most students from freshmen to seniors don’t understand how important every moment on a college campus is. They can’t wait to go home to rest, to study, or go to work. They never think of staying on campus after class to finish up homework or just to hang around.
Freshmen can only appreciate the social aspect of college and seniors tend to appreciate the big moment of graduation. But what of the moments spent in the classroom or hanging out with friends you may never see again in your life. These are the things that truly make college great.
Embracing the smallest moments of your college career can turn the experience into the greatest one. Some professors will just get you through the class without caring because they are simply there to collect a check.
Other professors, the rare breed actually care about you and will take the time to help you craft your talent into an actual skill. They may give you their personal information so that at the drop of a dime you can call them when you need help. These are the moments in time that as a college student you won’t get back. In order to fully understand you have to stop and analyze what’s going on in order to process that this is a memorable moment of your college career.
Some friends will do whatever it takes to help you succeed from class to class so that you can graduate on time. They will be there to pick you up emotionally when you think there is nothing left you have to give. They’ll find a way to motivate you so that your greatness shines like a light.
Some classes will seem tough but your classmates will slowly evolve into family members and you’ll do whatever you can in your power to help them grow. These experiences will help shape you as a person and make you become more team oriented.
So truly embrace the moments while you’re in them, for they may be just getting starting as you walk on campus for the first time or you may be walking off it for the last time. Either way take the time out to put down your phone and appreciate the time that you have spent or will spend at your school. College is more than just going to class it’s an experience that one must truly enjoy and embrace.

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