Embrace who You Are

Javier Ochoa is a 23 yr. old getting ready to graduate December 2014. Currently at the University of Texas at El Paso obtaining a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance with a concentration in Financial Analysis.

College life isn’t about what most people believe is best for you. The college life is all about doing what you like. Following who you really are is what’s going to make this college life a lot easier. The student life is already complicated enough, don’t make it harder.

Throughout my college experience I learned that it was all about following your wants. It is only when you follow your deepest desires that you find yourself actually enjoying the college life. My main point; study what You want. Not what your parents tell you to study, not what society seems to need, and not what is going to pay well. When you study what you like, it will never even feel like you’re studying. The best way to absorb knowledge is when you actually enjoy the subject being taught.

As I went through my four years of college I couldn’t help but notice how many fellow students looked so miserable studying or learning. I noticed how college became a drag rather than an appreciation for them. People begin to lose focus, interest, and even the want of a college opportunity.

When I first began college, I did nothing more than observe the college life and try to understand it just so that I could “fit in.” Truth is, it isn’t about observing but instead, it’s all about doing. The more you do the more you learn. Not the other way around. You have to get up and get it. If you want to learn something; you don’t just study it, you go and do it. You embrace what you wish to learn and you become what you want to learn. This is why it is so important to study a field in which you already feel as if you belong. Your field of study is already your style of life. All you have to do is professionalize it by educating yourself in that field. Appreciate who you are, and accept yourself with all qualities & faults.

Once you learn to appreciate, follow, and study who you really are; your college life will no longer be labeled “college life” but instead just your actual life. The beauty of embracing who you are is how everything all of a sudden becomes a moment of enjoyment rather than an obligation or a responsibility. When you follow everything you really are, all of a sudden everything begins to make sense. Everything in your life seems to be coming together as if you have found your true self.

Embracing who we really are and educating ourselves regarding that matter, will do no more than to make us experts in our field. This is the true way of mastering any field in this reality our society creates. It is only when we accept who we are and embrace every aspect of our personality that we are able to master a subject at our fullest potential. Don’t study a field in which your fullest potential is never extracted. It is only when you embrace yourself through your college education that you find yourself feeling free. And you just can’t put a price on freedom.

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