Embrace your indecision

Hello all. My name is Emily Adams and I am 24 years old. After graduating from Indiana University with a double major in telecommunications and communication and culture, I moved to Indianapolis to accept my current job. I design websites for small businesses in my spare time. When I’m not working, I enjoy long walks on various paths, ninja-like activities, my friends, family and laughter. I also write for a fantasy football blog and am a compulsive poker player (the internet is my cruel mistress).

I think the whole of any fulfilling college experience should end up enhancing our already existing, lingering and multiplying indecisiveness with life. Indecisiveness is the key to a healthy, happy, constantly improving and growing existence. From the minute we are born, we are being told what to do and being thrown decisions to make. We never have a decision about making the decisions, only on what outcome we choose. Go to school, respect our elders, do our homework, drink our milk, finish highschool, get into college. Choose a major, find some clubs to join, get an internship, choose a major again. Rinse, lather and repeat. Looking back, I probably changed my major five times. Mainly after finding out I will never be bilingual in Finnish, my math skills are extremely stereotypical, and women’s history actually depresses me (not because I don’t agree with feminism, relax). We are constantly given the option to grow and evolve, it’s what makes us so lucky to be humans. College opens the doors to self-improvement and growth, via maturity, newfound freedom, and a plethora of fresh decisions to make. Embrace the realization that who you were freshman year will feel light years away from who you become sophomore year. Life is like a bad episode of Game of Thrones..even when it’s bad and you feel like your just at a wall standing still, it’s really not that bad. It’s rather great, actually. It is a beautifully done, constantly evolving young life. All you have to do now is make yours. Hovak tilh icht( I think that’s Finnish for talk to you later).

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