Embracing Major Love

Michael Nnebe, Jr is currently an undergraduate at the University of Texas at El Paso. He studies organizational communication with a minor in general business. Aside from being a full time student he is also a professional astrologer and a very popular YouTube personality. He also makes hip hop music when he finds time to indulge creatively.

There are certain experiences that not every individual in college gets to experience in this lifetime. We all love those parties that we have memorable moments at or perhaps the epic game that you and your friends will always talk about when you aren’t stressing over finals. But there comes a time in your life if you are lucky when you are in your class listening to your professor and then it hits you like a sack of bricks hurled at you way faster than normal to the point that you have to wait until you awaken from the 3 day coma it put you in that you have fallen in love. Like head over heels in love. Like I can’t stop thinking about how happy I am in love. Like oh my goodness the love I have in my heart is too much to handle in love. Suddenly instead of dreading waking up in the morning you can’t even sleep at night because you are so excited to go back to school to meet the love of your life in the morning. Life just seems to take on such a divine quality for you as everything you hated about college you now love even more. Before you weren’t active on campus at all but now you do all you can to immerse yourself in activities that make you a better student. Before all you wanted to do was crack open a beer after class to take off the edge of your stressful studies but now you stay after class to talk to your professor at how much you enjoyed the lecture you were provided with. At some point you seriously question if a love so divine is even possible but before you can doubt that it is possible you take stock on how much this love has changed you for the better and just appreciate it even more. You know deep down that this love will take you places you never even thought possible as well as actually make you realize your career goals whereas other students just fly though college without ever really gaining something positive from all those years spent. Even your girlfriend or boyfriend starts to become very jealous of this new love of yours as they can sense that it takes more of your time away from them. Perhaps you assumed this love was a person. It is something more profound than that for a college student. It is not every day that an undergraduate falls in love with their major of study. Now you are grateful that you can tell people you did not just choose the major to get paid big bucks but rather because you have a deep passion for it. I remember when I used to study electrical engineering for three years until I even visited the communications building and even realized some of the majors they offered were even possible. I never thought it was possible to be so involved and interested in what I was learning as well as knowing that it would really help me progress since I love it so much. It can be tough to know what it is you even want to do when you are choosing your major at first but just keep in mind that the amount of time you spend really digging deep inside yourself and finding out what you can study that will make you happy is more worth it than you may think. If what you are studying doesn’t make you excited to go to school in the morning to learn about then perhaps it is time you change your major too! Who knows you may fall in love just as deeply and share that passion with the world.

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