X-ray technician job demand

The term “radiologic technicians” refers to x-ray technologists as well as technologists who operate CAT scans, MRI machines, and other scanning modalities. It is helpful to have all the facts in front of you when you are thinking about where you want to work as an x-ray technician. By understanding where the most jobs are and where you can get paid the most, you can make some informed presumptions about where it will be easiest to find a job, where you can expect to see the most salary increase, and where you will be able to live comfortably on your income.

Statistics by Industry

On average, radiologic technicians make about $54,620 every year, or $26.26 an hour. Those in the lowest 10% of earners, which might include newly graduated technicians just entering the field, earn about $37,060 annually, or $17.82 an hour. Those in the top 10% of earners bring home $77,160 a year, or $37.10 an hour. There are a number of different industries in which x-ray technicians can work. These include the obvious, like medical and diagnostic laboratories, medical and surgical hospitals, and physicians’ offices, but also include industries like colleges and universities, scientific research and development services, and insurance carriers. Of all the industries, you can make the highest average income ($66,810) by working for a college or university. This is followed by research and development services ($61,570), specialty hospitals ($61,410), and insurance carriers ($61,130). However, the industries with the highest level of employment of radiologic technologists are general medical and surgical hospitals, followed by physicians’ offices, medical and diagnostic laboratories, outpatient care centers, and the federal executive branch of the government.

Statistics by Geographic Location

When it comes to employment, not at states are created equal. Depending on the city and/or state in which you live, your area with have a different level of employment, location quotient, and average salary for radiologic technicians. The states with the highest level of employment for the profession are California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania. However, the metropolitan areas with the highest level of employment are New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, Houston, Phoenix, Atlanta, Dallas, and Washington D.C. If organizing employment by location quotient, however, which refers to how many jobs out of 1,000 are for radiologic technicians, the results are very different. The states that rank the highest in this category are West Virginia, South Dakota, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Rhode Island. You will notice that these are states with lower overall populations, while the states with the highest level of employment are more populous. Annual salary also varies by location. The states that, on average, pay their x-ray technicians the highest amount are Massachusetts ($82,080), California ($70,590), Alaska ($67,980), Washington D.C., ($67,500) and Hawaii ($66,610). When you consider where you would like to live, you will have to factor in not just average salary but also the cost of living in that region. For example, though you will make less in South Dakota than in Washington D.C., your salary will likely get you much further in the Midwest state than in the nation’s capital.



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