Interior design employment statistics


If you’re trying to maximize your income, you should work as an interior designer for the federal executive branch in Washington, D.C.! But since there are fewer than 300 people who do, consider these other statistics to help you determine where and in what industry you should work.

Industry Profile

The average interior designer earns $52,970 a year, or $25.47 an hour. Those in the lowest 10% of earners only make $12.34 an hour, or $25,670 a year, while those in the top 10% of earners bring home $41.78 or more an hour, or over $86,900 annually. There are a lot of factors that affect how much money you can make as an interior designer. For example, after you have been in the business for a long time and have a very positive reputation, you can probably make more money than when you are very new to the industry. Another factor that contributes to your potential income is the industry in which you work. Not all industries are created equal. You will make the most money (an average of $73,590) if you work for the federal executive branch of the government. You can also make higher-than-average income working for lessors of nontangible financial assets; for lessors of real estate; for a newspaper, periodical, book, or directory publisher; or for a real estate or brokerage office. If you work in any of these industries your average salary will be $64,250 or above. However, very few people work in any of these industries. You are much more likely to work for a specialized design service, for an architectural or engineering service, for a furniture store, for a building and design service, or for a furniture or home furnishings merchant wholesaler. Of all these common industries, you will make the most (an average of $58,230) if you work for an architectural or engineering service.

Geographic Information

Another factor that can affect certain aspects of your work is the geographic region in which you work. For instance, you are more likely to meet more people in your profession if you work in a city that employs a lot of interior designers. It might be easier for you to find a job in a place where the location quotient (concentration of interior designers per 1,000 jobs) is high. Your region can also have an impact on how much money you make. The states that employ the most interior designers are California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Georgia. The cities that make this list are New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Seattle, Houston, and Santa Ana (California). The states with the highest location quotient of interior designers are the District of Columbia, Connecticut, California, Colorado, and Maryland. The cities with the highest location quotient are San Francisco, California; Bridgeport, Connecticut; Lake County, Illinois; Naples, Florida; North Point, Florida; Seattle, Washington; Santa Ana, California; Savannah, Georgia; Bismarck, North Dakota; and Atlanta, Georgia. That being said, you will make the most money if you work in the District of Columbia, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, or New York. The cities that pay their interior designers the most are San Francisco, California; Santa Rosa, California; Hartford, Connecticut; Columbus, Ohio; Boston, Massachusetts; New York, New York; Oxnard, California; Providence, Rhode Island; Santa Barbara, California; and Bridgeport, Connecticut.


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