Enhance Your Highlights the Natural Way

Every year growing up my family would always go to Florida to visit my grand parents for spring break. I remember my mom constantly squeezing lemon juice on to my hair when I got out of the pool. She insisted the lemons would lighten my hair. I was already pretty blonde, so I am still not sure about her theory behind this. I have to give her credit, because it did work. As I have grown older, I’ve always remembered how great lemon juice is at naturally lightening hair in the sun. If you have dishwater blonde hair and are looking to add some highlights the natural way, lemon juice is a cheap and easy way to kick up the blonde. All you need to do is take a small spray bottle; similar to the kind they sell at drugstores for travelling. Fill it up halfway with fresh lemon juice. Try to keep any seeds out since they will clog the sprayer. Then fill the other half up with water. Spray on wet hair before going on in the sun. You can repeat these every few hour until you get the desired effect. Just remember, lemon juice can really lighten hair, so start slow at first. If you have darker hair and want to pull out some red highlights, do the same thing except swap out lemon juice for 100% natural not from concentrate cranberry juice. A lot juices are mostly water and sugar, which is why it is key to get the kind that is not from concentrate. The cranberry juice is great at pulling red tones out of your hair and adds some gorgeous highlights. Refrigerate the cranberry or lemon concoction for up to a week in between uses. If you have it out in the sun all day, I suggest just tossing it all together and making a new one the next time.

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