Teen Entrepreneurs

Some of our greatest businesses in recent years have been started by people who can’t yet vote. Yes, teens create businesses and more often than not, they are successful. Maybe they got their first yearnings to be in business from opening a lemonade stand in their neighborhood. Or maybe these young business women sold Girl Scout cookies last year.
Many young entrepreneurs come from kids who just plain see a need and then go about solving it. One young impressionable man saw that children in a foreign country could not even get clean water to drink. So he set about raising money to dig a well. This well could bring fresh, life sustaining water to the community. Two years later there have been more than twenty-five wells built in this region.
Can teens be successful entrepreneurs? YES!! And we need them.
One thing that teens do naturally when responding to a business startup is to work from their passion. Their ideas grow out of a natural desire and this seldom involves money. And they tend to succeed at a high rate. Adults could take a lesson from moving towards one’s passion when looking to get into business.
Another thing teens do naturally is work with their peers in seeking out real-life knowledge and experience. They’re quick to go to the social media sites and pose a question, gain support, or just plain ask for help. Teen culture is constantly evolving and they can be the catalyst for obtaining constructive feedback to keep a business on track.
Many schools and after-school programs are designed to positively impact our youth. Some of these programs foster small projects that can teach the traits needed for staring a small company. They learn how to plan, take small action steps, seek advice and build on success.
Teens have an innate desire to make the world a better place and many of their entrepreneurial projects have that as a foundation. They want to make a difference in the world around them.

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