Women Entrepreneurs

One of the fastest growing areas of entrepreneurs is women. Here is perhaps a level playing field, as an entrepreneur, a woman does not have to wait or depend on a man to give her permission to start, grow or finance a project. Women have been running households for years so this is not a surprise jump.
Having endured inequality in pay structures it is no surprise that women become entrepreneurs for financial reasons. The second motivator is psychological reasons. Women desire to build wealth and to capitalize on business ideas they have. In general and historically women have had less access to venture capital then men. They usually start their companies with personal savings or from a business partner.
Both men and women entrepreneurs seem to access mentors in equal share to help their business ideas and plans. Women may go to both male and female mentors as enough have succeeded in business for a rich supply to exist. As creative and problem solvers women may develop ideas for products that are solution oriented. They know the needs of the female market and can address these.
The psychological reasons that women enter into business may be even stronger than the financial incentives. Women are attracted to the “start-up” culture. Fewer rules, less red tape and less masculine dominated bureaucracy could be the draw. Start-up cultures mimic the rebels that got the women the vote after the war.
Another psychological reason that surfaces in studies is a long standing desire to own their own company. Where does this come from? Again, going back to not wanting a boss? Not having to answer to another. Ideas won’t get squashed by upper management. To have something they can call their own could be adjacent to the nesting principal. Although this suggestion has some validity, it would cause a backlash in certain circles.
Working for someone else no longer feels right to a female entrepreneur. Their talents may be wasted or not fully utilized. This can place a cap on earning potential. As a sole proprietor whether you win or lose it all rests on your shoulders.

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