Essential Beauty Tools

Every girl needs her own arsenal – a kitted out, fully-stocked tool kit to make your look go from pretty good to super fab. Print this list out and search through your vanity or make-up area. Do you have each of these essential beauty tools?
__ Blow Dryer. For some items, quality isn’t as important. But for the hard-working blow dryer, that just isn’t the case. Buy the best quality blow dryer you can afford. It doesn’t have to have all the bells and whistles, such as an ionic feature for smoothing or a diffuser for de-frizzing, but it should get very hot and blow at a very high speed.
__ Eye Lash Curler. Nothing wakes up and “prettifies” your eyes like beautifully curled eye lashes. There are now heated versions available, but a good, solid standard eye lash curler should do the trick. Just be sure there are those little pads on the top and bottom of the curler so you don’t inadvertently pull or tug too hard.
__ Daytime Moisturizer with SPF. On women in their late teens and early twenties, a light, sheer moisturizer (tinted if you want) should be an essential part of your daily routine. Your forty-year old skin will thank you for the consistent application of this wrinkle-reducing marvel. Drug store brands are fine – the key is the consistent use.
__ Hair Straightener or Curling Iron. Depending on your hair texture (and the current style you’re rocking these days), you will need either a good hair straightener or a good curling iron. “Good” means high quality, won’t pull or snag hair, is made from some kind of treated material that reduces the potential for scorching and can heat up super fast.
__ Pressed Powder in a Compact. What other beauty tool can make your skin look pore-less, dewy fresh, shine-free and fit in your bag? The make-up compact is a classic for a reason. Which pressed powder you choose is up to you and your skin’s needs, but there’s nothing more convenient than this beauty standard.

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