Essential Jewelry for the Stylish Co-Ed

There’s only a few key pieces of jewelry you’ll need to accessorize any outfit. A bulging, overstuffed jewelry box is not a prerequisite to being stylish and well put together. Collecting some basic, and not so basic, pieces of jewelry will elevate your status as the super stylish and smart college girl. Read on for every girl’s jewelry wardrobe essentials.
• Diamond studs – No, they do not have to be real (but bonus points if they are). There’s just nothing like the clean, classy look of twinkly little diamonds flashing in your ear lobes. It’s a timeless look that will never go out of fashion. If you’re not rocking real rocks, go for small to medium-sized studs. You don’t need to broadcast you’re wearing fakes. If anyone asks, play coy and mysterious and declare they were a gift!

• Signature watch – So much more than just for telling time, right? And you’re in luck. It seems like there’s been a revolution in watches lately. Over-sized, high-tech digital, rose gold, bracelet-watch hybrids…all great choices. Opt for one you absolutely love and can wear with multiple looks. This will ensure you get the versatility you need out of a not inexpensive piece of jewelry.

• Cocktail ring – Quality doesn’t really matter with this one. Pick out a few you love and decorate your digits with color and sparkle. This over-sized ring, often made featuring inexpensive materials like semi-precious jewels, glass, even plastic, makes a big impact for a little amount of money.

• Statement necklace – The only rule you need to consider when donning the fantastic statement necklace is to accommodate it with your clothing’s neckline. Don’t hide the necklace’s full beauty under a buttoned up shirt or other high-necked top. Also, consider taking it easy on the rest of your jewelry so you don’t have too many competing elements.

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