Etiquette for Men

Proper date etiquette is important; it may sound like common sense, but it is shocking how many men forget even basic etiquette when they are on a date with a woman.

Number One: Pick Her Up… On Time!
A real date consists of a guy driving to the girl’s home and picking her up. Set a time that you will pick her up and do not be late. It may sound silly, but it really does make a difference if you are early, late, or on time to pick her up, especially on the first date. If you tell her you will pick her up at 7:00 but arrive at 7:15, it gives off the vibe that you really do not care about the date and it isn’t that important to you.

Number Two: Do Not Blow your Horn
It is a big turn-off and, quite frankly, it is just rude. Be a man and walk to the door to pick her up. It is also a plus if you go inside and meet her parents before leaving with their daughter. This will show her parents that you respect them and you respect their daughter.

Number Three: Open Doors
This is basic date etiquette; hold doors open for her and open the car door for her as well. It is simple and, believe me, it will not go unnoticed.

Number Four: Be Nice
It is surprising how many men feel as though they will appear manlier by putting others down and being dismissive of others around them. Being rude does not equal manliness. Be polite to everyone you encounter, and especially to your date. Treat her with kindness and make her feel respected.

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