Every Major Counts

Makaylah Everett is a Communication student at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She enjoys writing and has a passion for helping others through her writing. 


When picking your major, don’t base your decision off of what the majority decides or what you think will make money. Pick what your passion is, because every major and higher education studied counts.

“What is your major?”

When making small talk, people are ever so inclined to ask this question. Not a week goes by without hearing a question similar to this. Upon answering, I receive various remarks or questioning looks.

“She isn’t going to be a nurse or a teacher? What on earth is she going to do with her life?” This is what I summarize their thoughts as.

My major is Mass Communications with a focus in Public Relations. You may think this is a worthless major, so I am writing this to remind you why it is not, in my opinion.

Since the beginning of time, humans have relied on communication to interact with others. To negotiate, to buy and sell goods, to form alliances or enemies, to make decisions, to tell stories, to entertain.. to survive.

Before written languages were developed, this was all done verbally. People relied on face-to-face interaction to communicate. Stories were told verbally, making the impact of them even more personal, emotional, and intense. The news got out through word of mouth, taking days to inform mass amounts.

Soon, written languages were compiled and later printing presses were invented to mass-circulate information. Former news and information was recorded and kept and new information was disseminated.

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