Optician training online


Are you having trouble imagining what going to opticianry school will be like? Sometimes it is helpful to get a picture of what classes you will take and what topics you will study before you enroll. Examples of courses you might take include an introduction to opticianry class, an interpersonal communication class, and a computer class.

Introduction to Opticianry

It is likely that your first class in your preparation to be an optician will be an introductory course that will present you with preliminary information about opticians and their professional field. For instance, you might learn a little bit about the history of the industry and early developments in eye care and treatment. You might also study some of the major contributions that have been made to the field, both past and present. You will probably also learn about other type of employees who will make up your eye care team, so you can be familiar with the setup before you get hired by a company or doctor. You will learn about the responsibilities of different members of the optical team, as well as what you need to do to become licensed – if there is a requirement in your state. There is a chance you will also study the different types of work settings you might encounter as well as the organizations that regulate your duties as an optician.

Interpersonal Communication

Although this isn’t a class that is directly related to being an optician, becoming a strong interpersonal communicator will put you at an advantage in the industry. Opticians need to know how to speak with clients and make them feel at ease, ask and answer questions, and identify clients’ needs. This class might also help you navigate workplace relationships, and can teach you valuable information about how to communicate in a professional manner. Your studies might include learning how both verbal and nonverbal communication and their effects on other people, how to recognize bias and prejudice in conversation, and how to develop personality traits that will allow you to be successful in interpersonal settings. Because communication isn’t just about talking, you will likely also study how to be an effective observer and an active listener.

Information Technology/Computer Software

As an optician you will need to work with computers on a daily basis, and may be tasked with certain administrative duties, such as keeping track of patient records electronically. This is why a computer class can be helpful. If you do not take the class, you may be behind when you start your training at an optometrist’s office or in a retail location. You may not learn all the software you need to in a basic class, but you will at least be introduced to Microsoft Word and Excel. You’ll learn how to create and edit documents and spreadsheets, how to create notes and drawings, how to organize files, and how to create graphics, tables, charts, and formulas. You might also learn about some helpful aspects of internet navigation that will give you a competitive edge in your job search.



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