Exploring Your City

Don’t get stuck in the bubble of your college or university! Get out there and find out what makes your city tick while you are there. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard students regret that they didn’t take any time to discover the city in which they got to live for four years. People will ask them what they liked about it, and they simply had no answer. You have a number of ways at your disposal to explore your city…just look around!

Checking out your local school paper will give you some great ideas for checking out the town. Oftentimes, school events will take place off campus, giving you a cool, easy and sometimes free way to do something outside your school’s walls. In addition, your school’s paper might include articles that showcase a number of shows, performances and festivals that will be taking place around your school in the upcoming weeks. Check out ads, as well, to round out your newspaper research.

Simply Google “top things to do and see” in your city. Local event calendars abound with small and large events, often offering free or discounted rates for students. You can call or email the event organizers to determine these special rates.

Is there a special thoroughfare that is walkable in your city? Be sure to check it out! Many major cities have riverfronts, parks and streets that offer a variety of things to do, places to visit and options for eating that will help you learn more about the city by foot for a few hours or a whole day.

Take a formal tour of your city! Even small towns offer organized walking tours to help you learn more about the place where you live. Houston, for example, offers a cool historical tour by kayak for about four hours, while an experienced guide tells stories about the buildings, people and events that made the city what it is today. Simply Google “tour” and your city to find out what your options are.

So grab a group of friends and enjoy your town! Make it your next fall or spring break staycation, save some moolah and expand your horizons right outside your front door. It can be as simple as doing just a little research and biting off a small chunk of your city here and there throughout your college career. You’ll find a new appreciation for your school’s town and create memories that will stay with you long after you have graduated.

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