Eye makeup

The secret to creating amazing eye makeup is to start with a good foundation. The cheaper option is to put your foundation on your eyelids first; the more expensive option is to purchase eye makeup foundation, which tends to run on the pricier side. This often-overlooked step not only will make the color of your eye shadow deeper, it will help it stay in place longer throughout the day.

Next, choose liquid or powder eye shadow. Liquid eye shadow tends to have deeper hues and lasts longer. However, because the colors are deeper, darker colors in liquid eye shadow tend to look gaudy on the eyelid. If you opt for liquid eye shadow, stick with the lighter colors.

Then choose your color. Eyes really pop if you pick the color that contrasts with your natural eye color, meaning brown makeup for blue eyes, purple for brown eyes and blue makeup for hazel eyes. The color of your clothes should also play into your decision. The trick is to choose a color that complements the colors of your clothes. If you’re wearing a blue shirt, don’t pick blue eye shadow. Go for a complementary pink, green or purple.

Now decide how to apply the makeup. Make your eyes appear bigger by placing a lighter color, such as cream, tan or even white, next to your lashes and then a darker color just above the crease of your eye. A trickier option is putting the lighter color near your nose and then fading out to the darker color toward the outside corners of your eyes. The most dramatic option is the smoky eye look, which can be done in black or purple. Start with the darkest color near your lashes and work your way out to the lighter color.

After your eye makeup is applied, put on some eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner shows mistakes more, but it stays in place and is darker. Be sure to bring your eyeliner up at the corners of your eyes so they don’t look droopy. If you’re going for a smoky eye, be sure to go heavy with the eyeliner on top, and be sure to line your lower lashes too.

Finally, end with some mascara. Place the mascara brush at the roots of your lashes and wiggle it back and forth, gently raising it to the ends. Place the mascara wand back in the tube, and then repeat these steps for the other eye. Your winks will never look sexier!

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