F.R.A.M.E Your Life!

My name is Laura Tidwell Book. I have a bachelor’s degree in communication. I am a 23 year brain tumor survivor, who struggles with depression,as well. After several medical specialists concluded that I had reached my capacity, mentally (barely graduating from high school, and then barely graduating from my bachelor’s degree, 10 years later,) I decided I wanted to go to graduate school. I took the GRE 6 times, and was rejected from 5 schools, before I tried for the last time…It was the only time I applied to a program in Counseling and Psychology. I am 11 classes into a graduate program for Counseling and Psychology with a focus in clinical mental health, and I have an “A” average! I do a lot of community outreach, and have previously received scholarships to travel the world, based on my community service and my essay writing…oh, and I scrapbook.

Focus, Refocus, Adjust, Move (or let yourself feel moved), and Evolve! Choose the path that is right for you! Education should never be the obligatory next step. It’s extremely precious.
An education is about growth, it’s about change, and it’s about risk.
Life should be an adventure, it should be a passion, and it should be how you choose to “F.R.A.M.E.” it. After high school, after struggling through puberty, popularity contests, and insecurity….we shuffle off to college, studying what a school counselor, a parent, or a teacher says is perfect for our personalities. We join sororities or fraternities, play beer pong, pass our tests, and as long as the money is coming, it works.
Then, out of nowhere, it’s time to be an adult. No more free tuition, room, board, and food. Suddenly, we have to make it work. We have to think freely, but not too freely, as not to offend the boss. We have to change our hair, our clothes, our attitudes, because we live this programmed home life, and then get indoctrinated into another perspective.
Like a photograph that has so much emotion, memory, and precious value, we jump from one frame to another, living for what the viewer wants to see, however that’s not all there is. My grandmother tells me even to this day, “These are not the best years of your life.” She has the very best of intentions, and is a wonderful human being, and sometimes she is right. Often, I feel vexed when someone tells me I should be happy, and I’m not.
Frame your own life; over and over again…fill a scrapbook… so that when you capture that “Ah-Ha!“ moment, where life needs a scrapbook to explain it, you’re ready to cut the details out that matter, glue the important lessons together, and describe every ounce of triumph…Then you can flip to the next moment that will eventually fill that book with proof that your life, like everyone else’s, matters. So you want to travel? Get a scholarship and see the world! Make sure you take tons of pictures, and keep a journal. College offers scholarships for that and you don’t need the highest GPA every time, there are many avenues: volunteer work, good grades, saving your own hard earned money.
Even if you are not sure where your life is going professionally, take time to find your own direction. Life is a beautiful gift. We all struggle. We all fight, but at the end of it all, the legacy we leave, the photos we frame, will help society evolve into something spectacular. Even more spectacular than it already is. It’s ok to say, “I don’t care if I was voted least likely to succeed. I am somebody, and I am going to do something big. It’s going to take “Focus.” It’s going to require “Refocusing.” “Adjustment” is going to make you feel like you are “Moved” to change, and your life is going to “Evolve”, as long as “YOU” choose the way you “F.R.A.M.E.” it.

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