Fall Nail Colors

Jessy Elliott is a senior at West Virginia University, she is currently earning a BS degree in Journalism.  Her major is Strategic Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations.  When she graduates she wants to pursue a career as a PR Representative and do freelance writing on the side.



It’s that time of year again, when students begin their summer wrap up and begin preparing for fall.  We start trading in our tank tops for sweaters, flip flops for boots, and get foundation with moisturizer instead of SPF (although sunscreen is still recommended in the colder seasons.)  One of this summers hottest and most popular trends featured bright, bold, and vibrant nails that accentuated any outfit, or made a statement on their own.  From summer’s neon hues, to it’s vibrant tribal prints, this fall’s top nail choices range from subtle nudes, to rich reds. These top five fall nail colors will not only make your transition into fall a little easier, they’ll also maintain the bold statement that summer left in its wake.

1. Brown-  Almost any shade will do, from distinctly dark browns to subtle beiges and tans, it’s an often underappreciated tone that can be mixed with a variety of differents colors and shades to either contrast or enhance almost any outfit.  Lighter shades stand out against darker colors like blue or burgundy.

2. Nude- Also a very versatile shade, especially for those who don’t prefer rich colors as there is enough variety in this shade you don’t have to worry about your options being limited; and with a shade like this you almost never have to worry about finding an outfit to match.  Nude shades are also easy to add designs to, if you want to spice it up a bit.

  1. Beige-  Much like nude, beige is full of mix and match potential. The main difference between this shade and nude is the subtle hues of brown rather than the pink base that is primarily found in nudes. This is a suitable compromise for those who don’t enjoy the lighter hues found in nude colors.

4. Dark Red/Burnt-  This summer’s reds were bright, and vibrant. This fall we trade in the bright and vibrant for deeper, richer tones found in colors such as burgundy, mahogany and blood red.  Similar to the reds, burnt shades can range from dark crisp oranges, to plush ebony purples.

5. Teal Hues-  Bright blues and various bold shades of aqua were a hit this summer, however, for fall, trade in the vibrant for a more matte, polished teal. Teals that contain hues of grey, or  more condensed colors (such as darker shades of blue or green) are this fall’s picks.  If you still prefer a lighter shade, or more hues of blue; polishes that look cloudy will appear lighter and shades like indigo or deep blue will still give you a more polished look.

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