FAQ’s about Beauty School

If you’re thinking about going to beauty school, you probably have a lot of questions. Some of them are probably important questions that you’d like to get answered before you go to class, and even before you start applying. Below are a few frequently asked questions that may help you get a better idea of what you can expect from your education.

How Do I Find a School?

Schools are everywhere, all across the country, so pick one that’s in a good location for you. A quick Google s
earch will pull up all the beauty/cosmetology schools in your area. If you think you might want to switch locations halfway through the program, consider going to a school with more than one campus. Some schools have locations in multiple states to make the transition as smooth as possible if you move. Sometimes you can also see maps of the surrounding area so you know what kind of things you can do outside of class.

Is Beauty School Like a Four-Year College?

Beauty school is different than traditional colleges because it teaches you a vocation – a specific set of career skills while skipping over general education classes. You won’t need to study biology or philosophy to be a master hair stylist, but four-year universities require all students to take these classes. By going to a vocational school, you only pay for the classes that you need. This also means that you can finish in a much shorter period of time (about one year) than at a traditional university.

Are Four-Year Colleges Harder Than Beauty School?

Overall, four-year colleges are probably harder because you have to study a lot of different subjects, some of which probably won’t be of any interest to you and might not exactly be in your wheelhouse of skills. Of course, how hard beauty school is for you will depend on the assets you bring to class – how creative you are, how well-developed your study habits are, how well you can concentrate and pay attention, etc.

What Makes a Beauty School a Top-Quality Institution?

There are several things to look for when searching for a premium-grade institution. Of course, no matter what you should look for a school that teaches what you want to learn – don’t attend a school that focuses on makeup artistry programs if you’re trying to be a hair stylist! Good curricula also include business development skills and preparation for your licensing exam. Top schools also employ instructors who have been highly successful in their field and can share industry tips with you. Lastly, the schools that best prepare you for a career have some sort of hands-on learning experience, be it a school salon or other opportunity to practice your skills.

Can I Go to School Online?

Because learning about the beauty industry is a hands-on experience, you most likely won’t be able to go to school online. If the institution you choose has any sort of distance learning opportunities, they will probably only apply to business development or professional classes. But when it comes to learning how to cut hair and apply makeup, you’ll need to be in front of an actual instructor so he or she can show you the exact method to the technique.


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