Fashion: A Love Story

A recent graduate from the University of Louisville, Olivia Karem chose a path in economics in hopes that she would forget her desire to work in the fashion world. Through jobs in amazing stores and fashion marketing internships, it became clear the dream was still there. Now she serves as an intern at Ideas 40203, does makeup at Sephora, and practices another love, painting, in her spare time. Olivia hopes to be able to either remain in Louisville or eventually move to the big city, of course after she discovers a true dream job where passion can meet her skill sets. She loves Louisville Cardinals almost as much as her dog, and will rep the cards proudly her whole life and cherish the memories gained at her college.

There are many firsts in a person’s life. From first steps to first sleepover, first kiss, and a plethora of other first, I must say my favorite has to be the first pair of heels I got. They were nude Guess pumps, and I wore them everywhere. To me these shoes were my style in shoe form: simple yet classic.
This “learning experience” served as a catalyst for my style today. I hailed from a small town, so fashion isn’t really something we are taught. We have a whole wing of our high school dedicated to farming, but nothing more than Goodies to shop at. I yearned for my weekends to the nearest city, where there was a mall with an insanely huge Forever 21 that nowadays I can’t walk into without getting a throbbing headache from all the chaos.
If I had to pick a celebrity to relate my style to I would love to pick someone like Olivia Palermo. But I have finally learned to accept the fact that she will forever be more polished than I am, and honestly at my young age I am totally fine with that. The truth is my style changes with my mood, my music of the day, and what Netflix series I am binging that week. For example, I have been stuck on Iggy Azalea Pandora station this week, and now I cannot put my Adidas high tops away. The other week, I was watching an unhealthy amount of Gossip Girl that all I wanted to wear channeled the amazing Serena Van der Woodsen. And then you have the rise of grunge and 90s style mixed with my summer hobbies of working music festivals such as Bonnaroo and Forecastle, and you have an excuse for my patent Doc Martens and oversized flannel collection.
On a day-to-day basis I would find myself reaching for a pair of either jeggings or athletic leggings (more support than general leggings, also thicker for more warmth and less insecurity), a nice baggy sweater from H&M or thrifting, maybe a T-shirt from one of my favorite bands or festivals mixed with a fun flannel. To better personalize this look I love to add jewelry. My style is simple so I keep my jewelry that way as well. I have some great earrings from digging through Saks 5th Avenue and I don’t leave house without my fox midi ring. The nude pumps still take shelf space in my closet but I have traded them in as my most wearable shoes to a pair of motto boots I got for cheap from TJ Maxx. I have had them for one season and they are already breaking down, if that expresses jut how often I wear them. This is the wardrobe that got me through college and that keeps my appearance more personal; it’s fun yet can often look modish. When I hit the town with my friends I clean up by adding an expressed body con skirt to my sweaters, Baublebar necklaces, and sometimes a cute blazer. I am also way to into what I like to call geanie pants, where they have elastic waist and elastic on the hems. They are something I can wear out or even at a casual workday. I can throw on a button down or a t-shirt and a blazer and just look so cool (in my mind).
Nowadays I like to think I’m a little more dimensional than a nude pump, but I will never forget my first shoe love and what it taught me about my style.

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