Style and fashion

Hi, my name is Vanessa I am a current student at Savannah College of Art and Design. My Major is Animation, with a strong interest in stop motion and 3d modeling. I was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala. I loved to travel and experience new things. I hope to help and inspire people through art. I am currently working on my senior film to attain my Bachelors in Fine Arts and keeping my cat Moxie out of trouble. I also have previous job experiences raging from bartender to helicopter mechanic. One thing you should never forget is that “Today is the tomorrow, you dreamed about yesterday” which happens to be one of my favorite quotes.

First of all, happy New Year, 2015 is a great year to be passionate. Everyone likes to begin the year with new resolutions, new looks, and maybe even a fresh way to recover from a new year’s party hangover. Most people decide to start the year with a very jubilant outlook of change and opportunity, but sometimes that also requires, not only an alteration of attitude, an amendment of one’s wardrobe. I would respectfully assert that all fashion is directly linked to one thing, one way or another: passion. What are you passionate about? Because whether it’s obvious to you or not it’s going to be reflected in the way you follow or don’t follow fashion trends, or perhaps you have your own fashion that you like to follow.
You dress according to the way you think, for example: You want that awesome job? You are most likely to dress sharp and smart like someone who is ready to be the boss or ready for any challenge. You are in love or like people to admire you? If you are a girl, most likely, you will dress seductively, with heels, a short skirt, be well groomed, and wear makeup; if you are a guy, you will bathe more often and brush your hair and teeth…well I am kidding, same as with the girl, but probably without the heels, skirt, and make up, which will probably equal brushed hair and teeth and a nice shirt.
I am currently an animation major at Savannah College of Art and Design, and my fellow students are a fine example of passion being reflected through clothing, for example: the students that are in the animation department wear shirts depicting Captain America, Sailor moon, Attack on Titan etc; whereas, the game design majors wear legend of Zelda, Smite, Destiny etc. Moreover, the fashion majors wear the trendiest articles or perhaps creations of their own. Then the architect majors appear sharp and clean cut, perhaps a direct result of how they want to mirror their hard work and self.
Fashion is definitely beyond what a magazine or the media depicts. The bottom line is it’s simply about what are you trying to say about yourself and show others. If your passion is to be a chill individual, you probably own a pair of sandals that you never leave home without; if you are passionate about sports, you’ve done your research and purchased your favorite athlete’s replica jersey and probably own his/her endorsed brand of sneakers. Well, I am sure you totally get what I am trying to say, by now. So, don’t allow others to dictate your wardrobe choices based on their likes or dislikes, show your heart, your ardor for life, and express it, not only in your attitude, but also through your attire. There is a raging spirit within us all, we are all unique individuals. Do not be afraid in 2015 to show this passion, allow the fire of your uniqueness to glow: inside and out.

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