Fashion trends

Personal style is a concept I embraced at an early age. From sporting my grandmother’s vintage pieces to creating my own apparel, I always utilized style as a form of expression. Nothing made me smile more than seeing heads turn at my crafty, eclectic ensembles. I have proudly delved into the athletic, luxurious, tomboy, and even gothic style trends, each allowing me to experience the importance of fashion in both expression and perception. Today, my style is a sophisticated mix of bohemian and grunge, one I anticipate will change with my ever changing mind. I find that personal style is best represented when tailored not only to an individual’s silhouette, but also to their true likes and preferences. With so much emphasis on celebrity trends and designer collections in the media, many are influenced to mock the looks they see on television and in print. Having immersed myself in a variety of styles, I am in full support of personalized style expression, with or without a budget.
Although my clothing choice changes with the occasion and weather, it is my use of signature details that personalize my day-to-day wear. Weekdays at the office call for business casual attire, a look that is easily personalized with accessories. The pencil skirt is a staple piece of my wardrobe which can be dressed up or down with the appropriate blouse and accessories. On warmer days, I like to pair a dark or neutral-colored pencil skirt with a sleeveless blouse, and finish with a pair of suede heels or wedges. This look creates a professional, yet stylish and approachable appeal. My personal style is introduced with details such a fringe tote or strappy, studded wedges. I often dress for cooler days with a sleek pair of jeans or leggings and knee-high boots, completed with a scarf or blazer to keep the look business and weather appropriate.
My personal style is best observed when I dress for more casual occasions, such as shopping or meeting a friend for lunch. I prefer earth tones—such as olive green, spice brown, and taupe—for they provide a wardrobe that is easily mixed and matched. I avoid busy prints and graphics, but have an eye for fringe and purposely “distressed” pieces. I own many pairs of boots, and have a pair appropriate for almost every look—from the casual and timeless trooper styled boot to the sleek and modern ankle boot. Style is not only determined by pieces of clothing, but also by the way one wears their hair and makeup. I am known for my signature brown smoky eye and long, dark (often beach-waved) hair. My style is not influenced by a particular celebrity or figure, but rather by my free-spirited nature and eye for the edgy and eccentric. It is the expressive aspect of fashion that has made me an enthusiast, and I hope to share this passion while encouraging others to stay true to themselves when creating their personal styles. If the mind bears it, allow the body to wear it!

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