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Chloe Holic is a senior Fashion Merchandising major and Advertising minor at University of Delaware. Originally from the state of New York, she hopes to soon make NYC her permanent home as she begins her career. Chloe’s favorite things include traveling, fashion, writing, and all things vintage.

Fashion is very similar to writing. Besides the fact that they are my two passions, their need for both structure and synchronization can be easily compared. No great novel or outfit is complete without the small details blending together to form the overall product. Every piece of writing is different, because each author expresses their ideas with their own individuality. Just like no two people express themselves through fashion identically. If this were not the case, fashion would be nothing but dull repetition.
While a fashion trend may be in full swing, each person interprets it differently. Those who try to mimic an outfit straight from a magazine page will often find that they have unintentionally put their own personal twist on the ensemble. Intentional or not, the personality thrown into fashion is what has kept people fascinated by the industry for so many years.
I’ve heard many times throughout my life that it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. This statement may be accurate for the Queen of England, but for regular people like me, it isn’t always true. Wearing a gown suitable for the Oscars to Sociology class will still be a gown suitable for the Oscars. The only difference is that I would feel a lot more confident standing on a red carpet than squished into a desk at the back of my classroom. It is for this reason that fashion varies greatly from person to person. Creating a look that stems from your own individuality is the true key to fashion.
Every shirt you’ve ever worn came from somebody else’s idea. Unless your following in the career path of apparel design or you have a knack for sewing your own clothing, this will always be the case. The great part about this is that it doesn’t matter how you want to wear the trends created for you, or if you want to embrace them at all. I feel most comfortable in the same leather jacket I’ve been wearing for the past five years and you may feel the same about the baseball hat you’ve been wearing for the last ten. Although I don’t find the age of an item to be overly important, the added originality given to the piece definitely is.
When my mom finds me scrolling through pictures of Paris couture fashion shows, she often laughs at the out of this world designs. Many resemble art sculptures more than actual attire. While most people would never actually wear a lot of these clothes, due to the look and of course the price, they are always justified by the ideas they inspire. These pieces serve the sole purpose to inspire, but fashion inspiration is everywhere. I am most often inspired by scenery, art, and of course, by writing.
Nobody enjoys writing about a topic that they find uninteresting. It’s the spontaneity and love behind people’s words that captivate a reader. When it comes to clothing, most don’t realize the same idea remains true. If you don’t love what you’re wearing, the world will surely not love it either.

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