Fashion tips for girls

My name is Amanda Calvo. I am currently an undergraduate at UC Berkeley as an intended business or sociology major. I hope to pursue a career in management. I have a strong passion for leadership development and fashion and hope to one day be working in a field that involves both my interests. My favorite pastime activity is watching beauty gurus on youtube!

If you’re turning heads, you’re doing something right” is something I like to tell myself about my own fashion style and choices. Whether it be a large black hat, a beautiful burgundy maxi, knee high socks to match a sweater dress, or even just a bold red lip, fashion attracts people’s attention. A few curious and admiring stares can boost self-esteem. I take the time to put on my makeup and choose an outfit everyday because it makes me feel confident and gives the day meaning. I can walk around my college campus, full of hundreds of new faces I haven’t met, and instantly grab their attention simply by what style I put together. I feel confident that I am not just another face in the crowd but someone people glance at and notice. I am able to walk around campus knowing that someone acknowledged my style and may be encouraged to try a new lip color or go out and buy a jean jacket. Fashion starts with inspiration. If there was no one to turn heads in the street, where would new ideas and trends come from?
Everyone has the choice to choose what he/she wants to be known for in life. The choices vary from humor, intelligence, kindness, interests, hobbies etc. I chose to be known for my fashion style. There’s joy and excitement in putting together an outfit every day from a classy pastel pink sweater look to a grunge distressed black jeans look. Each day is different and each outfit is different. Every outfit is a new opportunity for me to express my personality and style visually without words. It often provides me a positive perspective on the day. Since I’ve found my interests in fashion, it is what makes me who I am today. I find myself seeking new ways to pursue my interests in fashion from expanding my creativity and knowledge with clothes and makeup but also seeking opportunities in the fashion industry where I can be in a surrounding I find exciting and fun.
While fashion and style may not be for everyone, I want to reach out to every college student who may feel lost or unsure of themselves. College is an overwhelming time when you are expected to find yourself. It is filled with pressure, anxiety, and full of hundreds of people where it is easy to feel small and secluded. However, it is also a time of new opportunities and experiences. I encourage everyone to explore new things, find your individual interests and pursue it. That may start by turning some heads with your own fashion sense. Get up and plan an outfit not because you want the attention but because you want to make the first step in feeling good about yourself, make yourself known, and spark an interest in something you thought you never had. Every day is a new day to explore, create, be productive, achieve goals and that starts by making yourself feel and look good.

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