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Olivia Pasquarelli is a junior at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, studying Communication Design and Photography. She’s a gallery assistant for a Fine Arts Photographer and works for Pratt on the Community Engagement Board, planning various Community Service Events and Alternative Spring Break. Olivia loves playing guitar, her beagle Hank, and liquid eyeliner. She aspires to travel the world, volunteering and experiencing different cultures, all while capturing it through photography and design. You can check out her photography at

Fashion and cosmetics have always been an amazing tool of expression for me. There are countless possibilities, combinations, and styles that I can change based on how I’m feeling and how I want to display myself to the world. I’ve been a visual artist since I was old enough to hold a crayon. Beauty and fashion are just another language I can use to express myself.
I went to a private high school where uniforms were strictly enforced, so make up, hair, and accessories became my major mode of self-expression. I experimented with funky eye shadow colors and styles, I searched for the most unusual earrings and bracelets, I had every different color eyeliner under the sun, I even found unique patterned knee socks to spice up the bland plaid uniform I had to wear every day. Now that I attend Pratt Institute, an Art and Design college in New York City, there are no rules to where I can take my style. My peers constantly inspire me and the fashion I see around campus; unconventional does not apply to Pratt students.
Living in New York City is also a huge inspiration to me. When I’m on the subway, I catch myself looking down, trying to catch all the cute shoes my fellow New Yorkers are wearing. Head downtown and you’ll get more of an edgy, glam vibe. Uptown you’ll see a more classic, clean-cut look. I live in Brooklyn, which is a neighborhood full of history, culture, and diversity. Every style imaginable can be found here, from the trendy hipsters of Williamsburg to the artsy folk of Bushwick. No matter how you want to present yourself to the world, New York City will accept you for who you are. Being unique in a city of over 8 million people can be difficult, challenging, and very fun. As a designer and photographer, I’ve worked for as long as I’ve lived here to capture the Big Apple’s energy, vigor, and style. It’s undeniable that living here has contributed to my own look.
My style changes as often as my mood. My closet is an array of colors and textures, from a studded biker jacket to a pretty floral dress. I have a pair of socks or leggings to match any outfit and a piece of jewelry to compliment any attitude I wish to portray. My make up bag (which is massive to accommodate the variety), is a rainbow of lipsticks, eye shadows, mascaras, and blushes. My fashion icons range from David Bowie to Marilyn Monroe to Coco Chanel. Being an artist in New York City has taught me a lot of things, but most importantly, it has taught me to express myself, as wild or as tame as that may be. It has taught me to be myself, because that’s the most unique thing I could be. Anything goes in the world of beauty and fashion, and that doesn’t just apply to the Big City.

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