Fashion and Your Identity

Mandie Murphree was born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA and moved to Austin, TX in 2013. She received her Bachelors in Business Administration from Westwood College and majored in Fashion Merchandising. She currently works for Winston Retail Solutions. Winston is a merchandising company that houses over 500 brands and is based in San Francisco, CA. Mandie has worked for Winston for over a year and continues to enjoy growing with the company and develop her personal style and sense fashion. Mandie is also a freelance make-up artist and has worked with film, stage and event make-up. She loves interacting with people intentionally and speaking into their lives. When Mandie is not busy analyzing the small details of her life and how she will one day travel the world; you can usually find her at Starbucks drinking iced coffee, writing and pinning her favorite wardrobe ideas. When Mandie is not busy writing about herself in third person, she can also be found catching some sweet momentum with her new Arbonne business!

For many people fashion is seen as something they don’t need or something that doesn’t define them as a person. I have a different perspective on fashion and its affect on your life as a whole.
For most of my life I have aspired to “look” a certain way or dress in a way that I find appealing. Although most would agree that everyone has this same idea; others find themselves simply buying clothes because they are on sale or because they meet the “trendy” requirements. I know many people that simply grab something out of their closet and feel that who they are is not defined by the clothes on their back. However, I have found that when an individual dresses in the way they feel most desirable or comfortable, their demeanor about life is different. Just like someone dressing up for a role in a play or dressing for work in a way that is different from his or her everyday look. Many times they will have a different presence about them. It’s the same as a person who normally wears a Polo shirt and one day decides to wear hipster attire from head to toe. They may not feel as though they are “themselves” in those clothes. I believe fashion gives people the opportunity to show the world who they are. Fashion is their billboard to the world. I believe when we are in clothes that we feel portray us appropriately we are more free to be who we want to be. Many times we can identity with people and then we are drawn to their sense of style also. I feel we attract like-minded people when we dress in a way that represents us well. Fashion is a wonderful element in this life because it is ever changing. I plead we are always changing and growing; allowing our wardrobes to change with us is an incredible thing. If you find yourself not liking how you dress or how you feel in your clothes it’s so easy to go buy new ones! Another element of fashion is that we get to choose how we wear clothes. Two people could be wearing the same outfit but make it look entirely different with accessories and their personality!
I have not attained the “look” I want to have. I don’t know if I ever will. I do know how I want to represent myself to the world and that is the beginning of this crazy journey. It is fun to grow and learn what you like and don’t like and understand that no matter what you choose to wear, you can make it look unique and be true to who you are! I think everyone could admit that they are attracted to people who can wear things that are different and make it all their own. We are individuals in a world of trends. I believe the essence of who we are as people lies in our unique perspective on life and what we wear is only one element of that perspective being displayed for the world to view!

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