Fashion Fades… Style Remains

Isaac “Afrikuh” Boateng, born in Brooklyn, New York, is a 22 year old Fashion Merchandising major and senior at The University Of Bridgeport. He is the founder of “S.O.S. Style On Style Clothing” and hopes to build it into a global franchise some day. When Isaac isn’t designing clothes or selling them, he is usually reading, writing, giving advice, or thinking of new innovative ways to express his creative side.

A couple questions I’m always asked are “What inspires your sense of fashion? Where does your fashion sense come from?”, and I always reply the same way. First with a correction then with my answer. I say “Do you mean my sense of Style? If so, the answer is from my heart”. I know this may seem like a cliche answer but it is true. Its a little complicated so let me break it down…

“Fashion” is defined as “a popular trend”, while “Style” is defined as “a manner of doing something”. In my eyes, fashion is what you wear and style is how you wear it. So basically fashion is the whole group and style is the individual. As individuals, we have more power over style then we do over fashion. The thing about fashion is once it is introduced to the world it spreads like wildfire and catches the attention of most, if not all, clothing lines and they embrace the new trend because they know it’s hot, makes money, and won’t last forever. Another trend will arise that will take its place soon. Its sort of a guide laid out for designers. When it comes to style though, you have the choice of changing and evolving it or keeping it the same. For example, a new trend of acid washed jeans is introduced. That is the fashion. When you as an individual says “Hmmm. How can I wear this to not look like everyone else”, that is style. Now that I’ve broken down the difference between fashion and style, let me get more in depth on style and why it is so important to me.

Style separates you. Style brings us together. Style inspires you. Style is a reflection of your attitude, beliefs, and personality. Style is how you feel. Style is YOU!!! Style is what makes us unique. When you look at, for example a group of business men on Wall street, fashion wise they all look the same because they all wear similar clothes. Thats from the outside looking in which can lead to judgement if you think “They think they’re all fancy and too good in those suits. Maybe they act alike”. When you however go deeper into the people individually, then you probably start to understand and realize their position. You may think “wow, that guy in the black is wearing a white Gucci dress shirt with an Armani blazer. He must be hardworking. While the guy next to him is wearing a white dress shirt he designed and sewed up himself. That guy must be creative”. This is when you realize how important style is. I dont mean to ramble on but style can maybe lead to…WORLD PEACE!!!! Well.. may be not but style can tell you a lot about a person and how they think, which is a step right?

As you can see style holds a very important place in my heart. It gives people who don’t know me, get a chance to talk to me, or even those who just walk past me an idea of the type of person I am. How I may think, how i may carry myself, my attitude all included. Style is even bigger than just clothing and fashion. It relates to everything you do and the way you do it. As i said before, “As an individual, we have more power over style then we do over fashion” and later on “Style inspires you”. Put these two together and you start to realize one person’s style can actually inspire the world and lead to the next fashion trend. That being said style is a lifestyle ironically. Remember appearance is key. So STYLEOUT!!!!

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