Fashion Mistakes

What’s that saying? “If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not human.” So cut yourself some slack when you look at a pic of yourself from last year and realize you were wearing that headband all wrong. The key is to learn your lesson and move on. Here a few of the top fashion mistakes we’ve figured out along the way.
• Wearing all one color all the time – Functional, yes. Stylish, no. Nothing is more boring that a monochromatic look day in and day out. You’ll be surprised at how a shot of color can energize and invigorate you, especially around the face. Feel free to keep bottoms neutral, but opt for colorful and flattering tops to wake you up.

• Jeans with running shoes – Ugh. This combo is so aging, you may be mistaken for your mother! Leave this soccer mom look to the soccer moms. Modernizing the cut and style of your jeans will help; then slip on a cute ballet flat or a stylish gladiator sandal.

• Unflattering makeup, Boring hair – Are you in a beauty routine rut? Don’t have the time to syle your hair and just throw it up in a ponytail every day? Well, now that this beauty sin has been pointed out to you, you can change things up. Head to your newest cosmetics counter and get a quick primer on the latest beauty trends. Then pop in a salon and request a low-maintenance, but attractive cut. Problem solved!

• Too tight, short and shiny – Nothing screams cheap and disposable like a piece of clothing that is too tight, short or shiny (or heaven forbid, all three!). If you’ve logged some hours at the gym and are proud of your shape, feel free to show off that bod, but do so in a sophisticated manner. You don’t have to show a lot of skin to give off that smoldering vibe. Most men agree a fitted, knee length pencil skirt is one of the sexiest things a woman can wear.

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