Fashion rules

By Julie Rose Cook
DELPHI, GREECE. – At the entrance of the Temple of Apollo, the Greek phrase “Know Thyself” is engraved. This simple expression is said to be the focal point of Western Society: knowing yourself, your unique individualism (which is now the epitome of American culture) — which is also the basis of true fashion (as all great fashion legends had to know their own personal style to contribute to the fashion world).
My name is Julie Rose Cook. I am a graduate fashion student from the Academy Art University with an undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California (with a B.A. in Cinematic arts). I am currently developing my own sustainable fashion label and even working on a personal memoir about my years teaching abroad in China. I love fashion and even try to follow in the footsteps of fashion pioneers like Yves Saint Laurent and Coco Chanel who had their own personal fashion vision.
Growing up in the 80s and 90s, fashion was challenging for me because back then style was all about designer name brands (and I didn’t have a lot of moolah at the time). The good news is that with today’s fast fashion you can look fashionable without spending a lot. However, since fashion trends and styles are so diverse and overwhelming, the best way to shop and dress is to know your personal style and taste. For me, my style is chic and simple. I love monochromes: white, black, and grey. I can even splash some red in there, like with a red Michael Kors bag (or a well-made generic) and look (and even feel) like a star.
Remember, with fashion, knowing what looks good on you is the most important rule of all; therefore, it is imperative to know what colors and fabrics (and cut) best suit you and your body. Like Reese Witherspoon’s character in Legally Blonde (2001), Elle Woods, loves pink, you can embrace your signature color as well.
Deep shades of pink and wine are trending this season. Though, if you don’t like these popular shades, I suggest on going bold with your own color(s). The only rule is to make sure that the fabric corresponds to the season. For example, I love wearing white after Labor Day (which is a so-called fashion sin), but white wool looks clean and elegant (like snow) for the colder months.
As a college student, you are probably wondering, what is your personal style because you prefer to wear only T-shirts, hoodies and jeans to class? Your personal fashion style is all about you. So, if you choose to wear casual college campus style clothing and still want to look trendy, make sure you have your own fashion vision in mind (yes, it is possible).
In summary, it is possible to look chic with only wearing casual clothing if you just simply know yourself. I guess that is why you are in college, right? To figure everything out?

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