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Ivory. Sophmore at Kent State. Brother of Lambda Ch Alpha. Living life to the fullest.

Being a part of an accredited university is something to be very proud of. College gives you opportunities for self-growth and freedom that helps develop you into the adult you’ll be for the rest of your lives. Many students decide they want to travel and decide to attend college in a different state than the one they live in. I was one of these brave students. I was born in Maryland and I currently go to school at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. Kent is 15 minutes away from Akron and 30 minutes from Cleveland.
When it comes to my fashion sense, I have developed it over the years. I was always doing something different. Sometimes I was into designer brands like Ralph Lauren, Versace, and Gucci while at other times I was into thrifting. I was like that since the beginning of high school all the way until my first year of college. I hadn’t heard of Kent State before my mother told me to apply but she insisted me to because they gave away a lot of scholarship money.
The first thing I noticed about Kent when I took my campus tour was how cold the weather was there. Maryland has cold weather but Kent was the coldest weather I had ever experienced in my entire life. I learned that the hard way towards the end of my first semester there. The weather was hitting the negatives throughout the month of December right before everyone was set to go home for break. When I went on break I went on the search for warm clothing that was fashionable as well.
I focused on three articles of clothing to stock up on. I was on the search for beanies, scarves, and sweatpants. Beanies come in all forms. I prefer sports team beanies but I also look for beanies at Nordstrom. Nordstrom has a wide variety of hats to choose from with some being name brands while others just basic color beanies. The important thing to consider when choosing a hat for me is the type of material it is made of. Going to school in Kent shows you the importance of staying warm so I like hats that are made of wool. Wool tends to be more expensive than a lot of other material hats but it is well worth it to stay warm and comfortable.
Sweatpants are usually for when I’m going to class during the week. I do not insist that any one wear sweatpants out to a party but they can be fashionable for class time if you find the right kind. Adidas sweatpants are my sweatpants of choice to wear. They’re very warm and come in many different colors and designs. I also have been trying to wear joggers a lot lately. Joggers are easy throw on’s and can match up with many long sleeve shirts depending on the color of the pants.
Sacrves are vital when it comes to being warm and adding a spark to any jacket. My favorite place to get scarves are from banana republic. The designs they have for their scarves are very unique. They have raised stripe, graphic blocks, cable design, and chunky fringe scarves. All of these designs are very fashionable and go together with many different outfits.
All of these items can keep you warm and comfortable if you go to a cold weather school like the one I do. It’s important to stay safe while going to school out of state and not having the proper clothing to stay warm is not safe. Safe doesn’t mean you have to be unfashionable. All it takes is patience and a little bit of creativity to stay warm while also being fashionable.

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