Fashion trends for the fall



Jessica Hierro is currently a Senior at Florida International University, and working her way to earn a Bachelors in English. When she graduates, she wants to pursue into the career of writing with dreams to become a writer for fashion.


No matter where you live, whether it’s up state or in the south, everyone experience the weird change of weather. It’s not so hot anymore, but it’s not cool enough to wear sweaters with the awkward rain dampening the day. It’s frustrating, but by using the summer trends, it can be integrated into the next season without the need of spending your tight budgeted money when it’s better use for the fall term.


Palazzo pants


These loose, wide legged pants have been a favorite to girls in wanting to feel comfortable from the sweltering heat while being fashionable. Instead of pairing them with a crop top or t shirt, try wearing a silky top or any luxuriant fabrics to change a casual pant for the sophisticated night out. Pair them up with heels instead of the strappy sandal, but be careful when you walk in them. It’s best to practice walking while wearing the pants and heels before you step out for the night.


Denim shorts


The most crucial for summer and now a popular trend for fall. For the cooler days, go for some opaque stockings of different colors to make a subtle pop for the colorful season. This is a great look for any shoe style; from flats to wedges to ankle boots. Make sure that the prints and colors mesh together and not clashing. But in my opinion, black is best for its flattering and neutral for any different color shorts.


Vibrant colors


Hot pinks, blues, pastels, and iridescent colors are another favorite and also used to keep cool from the bright sun. To carry these colors on, go for the color block style with a jacket or cardigan is a single color to tone down the colors. A subtle print is fine too, but don’t go too crazy with the design when the one thing that is supposed to stand out is the bright color shirt, skirt, or pants.


Crop tops


The trend that even the celebrities have been sporting as well. It’s a tricky thing to wear outside from the hot weather, but it’s a fun piece of clothing to play with. Such as playing with proportions is one thing to do by wearing high waist skirts or pants. Pencil and midi skirts can add some sophistication with a crop top that shows a small sliver of skin. If showing too much is something makes you feel uncomfortable, then layering it with an open jacket or cardigan can help.


The most important thing to do though, is to just play with your clothes. Mix and match with what you have bought for the summer with what’s in your closet for the day of class. Just as long as it makes you feel comfortable, confident, and happy because starting out in a good mood will follow out to the rest of the day.

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