Fashion for less

My name is Sara Love and I was born and raised in Maryland. I have grown up in the suburbs however, I have had a love for the city (NYC) and the fashion inspiration surrounding it, ever since I was a young girl. I never knew what career path that I wanted to take until my passion for fashion lead me to my hobbies of blogging, putting together different styles for my friends, as well as creating outfit grids. That is where I decided to major in Fashion Merchandising and Business at West Virginia University. I was given the opportunity to work hard and receive the degree that would put me closer to my dream of working in the fashion industry, in addition to making the academic Deans and President’s List all four years of my college career. Currently, I will be graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree in May of 2015. In. Addition to fashion, I have a passion for traveling. Therefore, as my college career comes to an end, I am in good hopes of finding a job that will allow me to both travel and work within the fashion merchandising industry.
My style as an individual can be described as “Vintage Chic” since I combine both “gotta have” designer style items along with older and more affordable items. This technique merges affordable clothing pieces with runway inspired pieces that won’t put a dent in your wallet. Inspiration is all around us, so it is our job to turn each Idea into a reality!

As a college student with a love for runway fashion and a college budget, is it possible to dress like the fashionista you are?
The answer is yes! In fact, my biggest piece of fashion advice would be to hold on to magazine cut outs and pictures of your favorite fashion inspirations. The good news is that there are ways to find the looks you love for less! Inspiration can be found everywhere and it is possible to buy items that do not have a couture price.
Tapping into your local resources such as boutiques and places like consignment shops contain great pieces fashioned for your wardrobe.
Visions for my desired style looks are found in Look Books, fashion pages found on Instagram, and Fashion Blogs. Personally, creating my own outfit grid by combining fashion inspirations I see in various places is an exciting challenge of recreating a look that cost less than an off the runway price. Even though I enjoy finding fashionable items for less, I still like and desire high quality. If I cannot find a certain item, I save up for that designer or high-end item.
Being a fashionista does not mean that everything in your closet has to be designer or straight from the runway. In fact, mixing and matching items from different stores and places adds a personal touch to your own style. The art of having your own personal style is putting together a desired look that you want to wear from your closet. My advice on putting together outfits is to do it leisurely the night before so that way you do not have to rush in the morning. It already takes long enough to do your hair and makeup, so choosing your outfit may add some stress on top of your early morning routine. One way to make it easier to choose which articles of clothing that you would like to put together is to use a clothing racks (such as a H- rack or a T-rack) in your room rather than putting your clothes in drawers. I say this especially since I feel more organized when I can see the majority of my clothes, not including pants and undergarments since they are better kept in a dresser. However, I find it easier to organize my t-shirts, blouses, and dresses when it is visible on the clothing rack and then easier to choose the items for a specific outfit.
My last piece of fashion advice would be to embrace your style and to be proud of who you are! Without your own personality, an outfit is not the same. In fact, do not be afraid to be creative when putting together an outfit and have fun with accessories. To get a visual of a chic yet casual outfit that can be found in magazines such as Teen Vogue, a winter look that I have put together and replicated includes: a loose fitting white cable knit sweater from Forever 21 ($22.00), Joe’s brand black skinny jegging found at Nordstrom Rack ($30.00), a pack of gold colored wrist bangles from Urban Outfitters ($15), Taupe colored suede short boots found from which is the more affordable and identical version of the Sam Edelman Petty boot ($26), and a black felt floppy hat from Nordstrom ($28). Again, have fun with your style and remember there are many resources out there for style inspiration!

-Sara Love

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