Feline Tricks

Ever wonder if you are the only one who missed the memo on how to create the prefect cat eye? The look has been a beauty staple and puzzle for years. Some have a knack for drawing one on with ease, while others try and end up looking more like a rabid raccoon. It’s time to figure out exactly how to create a great cat eye with these tips and tricks.
1. Go liquid. Some women are masters of the pencil eyeliner, but if you are a newbie or just up for trying something different, buy a liquid eyeliner. They run the same cost as some pencil liners and come in just as many colors. The great thing about them is that they draw on easily like a felt tip maker. No more pain of dragging an unsharpened eyeliner across your lid.

2. Short strokes. Many women attempt to draw a single line above their lashes when using eyeliner. This may work for eyeliner veterans, but if you aren’t, you can end up looking like you drew a shaky line on your eyelid that doesn’t touch your lashes. That super small silt of skin that can appear between your lashes and where the liner landed is so frustrating! To prevent this, line your eyes in short strokes versus a single line. This way you can draw multiple tiny dashes across your lid and connect them to finish. This technique allows for more precision.

3. Use a makeup sponge. This doesn’t seem like a great idea at first, but think about the most critical aspect of a great cat eye… the winged edge. If you have a great flick of the wrist, awesome, if not use a tapered makeup sponge to create a great final stroke. Line the makeup sponge up with your lashes with the smaller tipped edge just barely sticking out past your eye and at a slight angle. The sponge acts like a guide, allowing you to finish your look with a wing that’s not too short or too long, not straight, but not at a sharp angle.

Test out these three tips during your next attempt at the classic cat eye and feel more confident heading out with a flirty look that appears effortless.

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