Female peer pressure: The dangers of oversharing

Girls by nature are incredibly graphic with one another concerning our romantic escapades. We love it. Swapping exciting, erotic, and embarrassing stories is not only a crucial bonding experience, but it helps us understand our own lives better. There’s not a single details you would spare your best friends.

But then, freshman year hits and suddenly you’re a small fish in a very big, very scary pond. Girls all over campus are trading in their modest make-out stories for wild tales of one-night stands and who did what best. To who. For longer. Worst of all, it doesn’t end there. As if sharing alone wasn’t enough, some girls even quantify the sexcapades of all females within a judgeable radius.

How is a girl who is sexually inexperienced supposed to feel in this kind of environment? Comparing assets is what college girls do. What is she wearing? Why is he buying her a drink and not me? Where can I get those shoes? It’s exhausting and it wears on you if you don’t think you meet the local standards.

As a result of this pressure, so many girls are pushed into the sexual limelight before they are ready, leading to even bigger trouble. Imagine you’re flirting with a guy at a party and every girl on your dorm floor has lost her virginity but you. Drowning those nerves, you’re a few beers in. With muted inhibitions you sigh…how bad could it really be?

According to a study done by NYU’s Steinhardt Department of Psychology, roughly 400,000 college students between 18 and 24 have unprotected sex as a result of drinking too much. More than a quarter of that group report being too intoxicated to even know if they consented. Don’t become one of these girls.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but plenty of cities have been destroyed in one. You risk a lot more than your reputation by rushing to keep up with the pack and what you will sacrifice is not worth the lazy, fleeting approval you may earn. Likewise, if you want a relationship, increasing your sexual experience is the effect, not the cause.

In the end, we all mature differently, so never feel that you need to alter your approach to life based on someone else’s timeline.

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