Film and media studies minor


Film studies as a discipline can be versatile in that it goes with so many different subjects.  Film studies can be combined with journalism, political science, law, and business, offering students a multitude of opportunities in the career field.  For this reason, many students choose to take film and media studies as a minor rather than receive a Bachelor’s Degree in the subject.

Students can delve into film studies without taking on the full commitment of the requirements for a major.  Many of the prerequisites that are required in terms of basic, background courses are still expected of student’s minoring in film studies, but other prerequisite courses that may not seem as relevant to the topic but are rather general studies courses are not mandatory.  With less required courses, students will be able to save money on fees per course and combine two subjects into one career.

A combination of film and media studies with journalism could lead to a career in broadcast journalism, documentary filmmaking, or digital journalism.  Having a background in media design and the aesthetics behind sequence and timing of motion pictures to go along with a story will only enhance a potential employee’s resume.  Students can major in prelaw and minor in film studies if that individual is interested in pursuing a career in communications law or trademark law.  Combining a business degree with a film studies minor could lead a student to a successful career in marketing for a film company or even running a film agency.

Once a student begins taking courses towards a film studies minor, if he or she chooses to continue on to a Bachelor’s Degree in the subject, the courses already taken for the minor would go towards the higher degree.

Having the ability to minor in film studies in addition to another discipline adds a level of variety and experience to your resume that would not be there with just a single major.  If you have ambitions of excelling in the world of journalism or running your own private film company, consider minoring in film studies in addition to journalism or business.  These added skills will only make you stand out in the end.

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