Video production certificate programs

Interested students have a variety of options when considering a career in the film industry.  One such program is the film production certificate, which exists of eight approved courses to guide students through the ins and outs of film production.   These shorter programs are tailored for working students, as well as those who are looking to make motion pictures, master cinematic design, direct or work in postproduction.

Certificate programs are available to students with or without college degrees as well as current undergraduate students who would like to obtain the certificate while finishing their undergraduate degree.  The variety of student experience only adds to the diversity in the discussion during online classes.  Students will receive their certificate upon completion of these eight approved courses.

Traditionally, no formal admissions process exists for certificate programs.  Normally, a student will only need to register for certificate status and pay the registration fee.  You must register for the program before beginning classes.  Before registering, have the certificate course approved by the main school. The design of these programs is meant for students of any experience level.  Often obtaining a certificate is the stepping stone towards receive an undergraduate degree in film studies.

Many of these certificate programs guide students through the art and craft of filmmaking and various techniques.  It is the hope that students will be able to end the course with a finished film product.  Some schools even debut these films at open screenings or industry panels for critiques.  If interest in a student’s work is expressed by one of the industry expert panelists, the possibility of an internship or even employment could result from this.

Students of various levels are always encouraged to take a certificate program as it only adds the studies and experience listed on a resume.  Many schools have other certificate programs in media or film studies, including screen-writing and film production.   Film production is just one of these certificate programs that opens paths to entering an exciting career in the film industry.

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