Film studies and media practice


Media practice combines both design and production, both which are essential elements to completing a successful film project.  It is a subject for the student who wants to be involved in the film process from start to finish, from conception of the idea to execution and design to production.  While many programs offer focused certificates on specific areas of film studies like screenwriting or film production, a certificate in media practice or design takes a more holistic approach to the study of film.

Media practice promotes and develops an understanding of and proficiency with the design process and production of film and the program puts students to work, having them conceive and execute projects of their own.  It should be noted, however, the most media practice programs require on-campus involvement in addition to online.

The beauty of these programs is that students get to use actual industry-standard equipment, software and technology in creating their finished product.  Cameras, microphones, audio records and other production tools are provided.

Most curriculums go past technical training to incorporate it into the context of media design and production.  Students will be able to develop an understanding of aesthetic and technical capabilities of each production medium, whether interactive Web site, video podcast or mobile apps, explore the relationship between these media.

Once into the course, students are asked to become proficient experts in a particular format to create more complex media messages. This program challenges students to do more than just master the equipment and software, but it rather challenges them to see how these different forms of media work on a cross-platform level and facilitate communication.

From start to finish, students will work with digital images in production and post-production using current digital editing software.  Students will have to be present on a physical campus to access this equipment and technology, while the materials, lectures and assigned readings can be accessed remotely.

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