Film studies classes


Most individuals who have that passion for the filmmaking industry do not develop this overnight.  Many begin their journey into the world of film during secondary education, taking classes while still in high school.   For these enthusiastic learners, various online programs offer pre-college courses.

These online courses give current high school students an opportunity to first get a feel for a college-level classroom and also explore their interest in filmmaking. Students will be able to interact with other interested classmates throughout the world, and these classmates are not limited to just high school level.  They can vary from high school to pursuing an undergraduate or certificate program to adult learner.

The classes will range from discussion sessions, to lectures and assignments.  High school students will be given the chance to interact during these discussion sessions but also balance this additional coursework on top of their normal school schedule.

If an interested student already has an idea where he or she will be attending college in the future, it is encouraged that the student contact that school to see if credits will transfer.  If not, many online programs offer these classes for a non-credit basis at a lower cost.

For these programs, students are encouraged to take a tour of the online system to see if it is something they will be able to navigate.  In order for students to enroll, it is mandatory that they be currently enrolled in high school at the time of the program.  Some programs require students to be at minimum at the 10th grade level.

It is an excellent jumpstart for someone who is passionate about the field of filmmaking and gives that student an edge amongst others as he or she continues to college.

Academy of Art:

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