Personal Finance

Personal finance isn’t just digging the lost quarters out of the couch. While for some personal finance may be a moot point. You earn a paycheck, pay rent, buy groceries, and gas up the car and if anything is left over you go to the movies. Personal finance by definition includes more and can be a part of a finance career.
Families need help with their personal finance. Some personal assets can run the gamut from home or homes to include vacation homes, boats, automobiles, furnishings, savings accounts, checking accounts, land, jewelry, guns, collectibles, personally owned stocks and bonds, planes, trucks and the list goes on. On the liabilities side will be costs to maintain all these physical entities. Being a personal finance professional can be ‘big’ business.
In personal finance you will be called upon to evaluate insurance policies providing protection against unforeseen events. Insurance policies are needed to cover all the assets already mentioned. Life and health insurance policies can cover the owner and the owner’s family. Disability and long term care are additional policies that can be added into home finances.
Planning for an owner’s retirement will factor into their finance plan. Knowing and planning for how needs will be met when there is no longer a steady income stream has spawned businesses that handle just this period in an individuals’ life.
Looking at finances and how they will transfer through family members and across generations is the subject of inheritance financing. It this isn’t laid out in a finance plan there may be high repercussions to confront in the form of monies lost to the government as taxes.
Government likes to take their fair share and using a finance strategy that incorporates tax positions and liabilities are growing in importance. Without planning, Uncle Sam seems to get more than his fair share. Tax policies and rules are ever changing and effect the management of personal finance.
Personal finances can be complicated and complex needing a professional to oversee and you can leave the coins in the sofa.
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