Find the Best Hair Style for your Face Shape

Is there something not quite right about your hair cut? Did it look amazing on that model in the photograph, but just so-so on you? It’s probably because it’s not right for your face type. Read on for the best hair style options for everyone out there.
1) Heart-Shaped – Hair length that hits just below the jaw line helps fill out the point of the jaw for sweet heart-shaped women. If your jaw is on the pointy side, offset that with added body and waves to your hair texture with a large-barreled curling iron. However, beware of adding too much fullness. Any extra body on top just further emphasizes the imbalanced point on the bottom.

2) Long and Lean – A cute, right on trend pixie cute looks amazing on ladies with long and lean face shapes. You’ll want to separate a few pieces up front and make them a bit jagged and punk-y to achieve a more modern look. Bring out your eyes by making sure some tendrils and waves lay right at your eye line.

3) Oval – A chic center part on almost any length looks great on women with oval faces. But to avoid looking too severe, add some soft beachy waves. A versatile shoulder-length bob can balance out oval-shaped faces by a side part, straightened or wavy.

4) Round – Ask your stylist for an asymmetrical cut with long layers to elongate a rounder face. Super sophisticated side-swept bangs work well too. Trying a bob that is longer in the front and shorter in the back looks edgy and cool.

5) Square – Cutting your hair so it just hits your jaw line helps soften a square face. Or if you want to go longer, ask your stylist to razor cut a shaggy bob so the shortest layers hit right at your chin. Slimming and stylish!

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