Find the Ultimate Hair Color for your Skin Tone

Truth? Most American women color their hair in some way or another. Whether it’s highlights, lowlights, or all over color, it’s fun to experiment. But if you want to find the most flattering every day hair color, it’s essential to match it to your skin tone. Here’s how you do it.
If you’re a natural blonde with fair skin, choose golden to sandy blonde tones to warm up and complement your skin. Remember that most blondes are darker at the roots anyway, so don’t try and veer too far away from that or it the color will appear artificial.
If you’re a natural blonde with medium skin, you can go platinum because of the contrast in skin and hair tones, but be careful you don’t look too washed out. Bold eyebrows and lip color can help achieve this modern look.
If you’re a natural redhead with fair skin, emphasize the contrast by really going for it with a bright orange-red color. But keep in mind this type of color requires a lot of maintenance for it to stay glossy and rich-looking.
If you’re a natural redhead with medium skin, an auburn or chestnut color will look the best. Enhance your base color with an allover application of light brown to offset the gold in the auburn highlights.
If you’re a natural brunette with fair skin, steer away from blue-black shades because they tend to look goth and unnatural against your complexion. A dark and even shade of mahogany is best. Very fine, threaded highlights can give depth.
If you’re a natural brunette with medium skin, the olive undertones to your skin can handle a more golden brown color, even with a hint of red in it. If you’re highlighting at all, be sure to keep you hair in good shape with deep conditioning treatments.
If you’re a natural brunette with dark skin, you can safely move away from the golden shades to a more ashy, flat base color. You can even handle the drama of an inky black color, but be sure there’s still some depth to it with styling.

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