How to find a hair stylist

Ok I will admit it; I am one of the lucky ones. I have been with my mane main for over 10 years. Which more than qualifies as my longest relationship. Throughout the past decade he has taken me from long, to short, to shorter. From straight, to layers, to razored. And from blonde, to white, to brunette and everything in between. Our relationship got to the point that when I was living in Italy for a year I actually called him internationally to find out what I was supposed to say to the Italian hair stylist about how to cut my hair. His cellphone is on speed dial and I fly regularly across the country just so he can cut and color my hair.

I realize what we have is a special bond. And by bond I mean a totally codependent relationship where he is the only person in the universe who knows how to do my hair and I don’t have to say a word. I won’t lie and say that all 10 years has been bliss. Like any relationship we’ve had our ups and downs. He has made it clear that he will never give me dark hair again because I end up complaining about it a month later (this is true) and I have made it clear that if I ever ask for bangs again he should slap me immediately (he has agreed). But when you get a good hairdresser you ride those ups and downs and you hold on to them, because good hair is hard to find.

It took many bad trips to different salons before I met him. In an effort to save you from some of the hair trauma I’ve experienced, I’ve put together some tips for finding the salon that is perfect for you. Good luck… and remember to always speak up! If you don’t like what they are doing to your hair, say something!

1. Ask for referrals – Every time I see someone with a cute cut I always ask where they get their hair done. Ask your friends what salon and stylist they use and what they like about going there.
2. Check them out online – Always look at the salon’s website or social media pages. This is where you can get a good idea on the vibe of the salon and sees other customer comments (or rants).
3. Visit before your appointment – Go to the salon before the appointment to see what it is like. Try to catch a peep of your actual stylist. If they have short spikey blue hair and you prefer more feminine hair, it may not be the right place for you.
4. Check prices ahead of time – There’s no point in falling in love with a salon that you can’t afford. Always ask for the cost of services before booking an appointment.
5. Follow your gut – Most people know within 5 minutes of sitting in the chair if they feel comfortable with the person cutting or coloring their hair. Ask questions, bring pictures of other styles you like and most importantly, speak up! This is your hair; you should get exactly what you want!

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