Online educational opportunities abound, but how can you find your ideal online course? There are several tried and tested strategies you can use to ensure a perfect fit for your purpose.

1. What do you want to accomplish? Unless you are looking for a course just to kill time or as a hobby you first need to ask yourself what you need the course for: To find a job? To get better at your job? To get a promotion? Or perhaps to change careers? Figuring out what you wish to get out of the experience will clarify your search.
2. Who’s your role model? Is there anyone who is where you want to be? And if so, then what preparation did they get and where did they find it? You may need to find a version of their complete résumé to see how they built their background. This document is one of the closest things to a map to your dream job that you’ll ever find. Please note that it will be the road map of the route that your role model chose to take and it is by no means the only one. Consider it a sample.
3. Is the course offered by school known to you? If you’ve taken courses in the past and you’ve enjoyed them then check out what that same school may be offering. Even if they do not offer what you may be looking for it is always worth looking at their offerings since that institution is a known and trusted entity to you. Who knows, maybe you will be enticed to take a course you didn’t even know existed!
4. When you find the potential course at a new and previously unknown institution then take a few minutes to examine their entire course offerings: Are they specialists in your area of interest or do they only offer a random list of introductory courses covering all sorts of areas. When given a choice it is probably wise to take a course from a school that specializes in the area. They are likely to have real expertise and real world experience in the topic of the course.

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