Finding Mr. Right

For the modern woman, there are a multitude of options when it comes to looking for Mr. Right. Some choose online dating, some try blind dates, and others prefer to lackadaisically peruse the corner tavern until something interesting turns up.

Finding the right guy is a senseless combination of luck, timing, and believe it or not, hard work. Yes, some girls have the perfect guy just fall into their lap like an overgenerous Christmas gift. But it’s helpful to note that finding the right guys isn’t just about finding the right guy. It’s a lot to do with you, too!

For whatever reason, our brains are hardwired to accept or not accept the affections of the opposite sex at certain times. Confidence is a huge power player when it comes to whom we date and as many people learn the hard way, we accept the love we think we deserve.

If that wasn’t challenge enough, some of us are just wired to fall in love less easily. I am one of these people and I watch friend after friend fall in love and get married like it was a damn Sunday picnic. And the harder and longer you look for love, the more frustrating it becomes when you don’t find it

But really, stop comparing yourself to everyone else. You’re not them, you’re you. Do you find every single one of your friend’s boyfriends attractive? Good grief, no. What attracts you to people and people to you is entirely unique, including your smell.

According to a study reported in Marie Claire called The Scent of Marriage, our individual scents attract us to a good mate. The study showed women were more attracted to men with an opposing immune system, a key to producing healthy offspring.

In the end, finding the right guy for you means having an open mind, open heart, and solid appreciation for who you are. You will never get anywhere if you let your negativity close open doors.

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