How to choose lipstick color

It’s hard. It took me probably a year’s worth of actively searching for a good lipcolor/lipstick/lipgloss/lip stain to find something I was willing to wear on a daily basis. My problem is my fair, combination skin. I can pull off a red, but it’s too severe for daily use (and I’m pretty low maintenance, so keeping the color up all day is just too much for me). Too neutral and I look like a ghost. Too pink and the redness in my skin comes out. I was about to give up when I discovered lip stains only a month ago.
I had read about lip stains before and thought that they were the perfect solution to my problem: I wanted some color, especially because I’m graduating and feel that adding lip color to my look would help make me look a little more professional, but nothing that was a hassle. And too much gloss looks funky on me, so it needed to be semi-matte. Enter: lip stain. This lovely little product goes on once and your lips retain the color all day. It is not moisturizing at all, but that’s the beauty of it–as a stain, it stays, even when you add lip balm on top.
After finding the type of product I wanted, I then had to look for a good color. Sure, it feels a little weird sometimes, knowing that you’ve shared a tube of lipstick with probably dozens of other women, but they have one-time-use applicators and, well, I’ve never had a disease from using their samples yet! I went with a friend (who I knew would give me an honest opinion) and we just tried anything and everything on.
It has a bit of shine to it, which I’ll have to get used to, but that is not a problem now that I’ve finally found a lip color that looks good. It takes my whole look to the next level–I never realized what a difference it could make! Now it’s your turn: first figure out what kind of lip color you want (lipstick–and there’s a variety of those–or lip stain? Or even just a colored gloss?), then get yourself to a store so you can start trying on colors. I have bought one too many lip products from the drugstore that I never ended up wearing, because I didn’t know how they would look until I put them on. Save yourself the money and find a store that offers samples. Happy shopping!

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