Finding the Perfect Style for Fine Hair

If your hair is constantly falling flat by midday, you need to change your styling routine. Stop trying to recreate your favorite looks and start focusing on the hair that you have. By having the right style and color, you can wake up every day with amazing looking hair. Plan ahead and arm yourself with true volumizers and start setting your alarm clock for a little bit later every morning.

Get the Right Cut

If you don’t have the right haircut for your hair type, you will always be struggling to achieve the perfect style. If your hair is long and fine, the best thing that you can do is to get a layered cut. Long hair is weighed down hair so use a few layers to create movement.

If you hair is regularly falling flat, it is probably time to lose some of the length. Styles like a classic bob, particularly with an angled cut, will add instant body and movement. If you do decided to go shorter, stick with all one length or minimal layers. Ask your stylists not to “thin out” or razor cut your hair. Having too many layers in hair that is shorter than shoulder-length can create a stringy look. Focus on creating bulk with a straight across cut or have the underlayer of your hair cut half an inch shorter than the top layer.

Since fine hair is especially sensitive to damage, it is best to avoid heat and over-styling whenever possible so talk with your hairstylist to create an easy to manage, wash-and-go look. If you are nervous about losing the length, play around with an online photo editor. Check out how you’d look with some of the most classically flattering looks for fine hair like the bob, a pixie cut, or should grazing layers.

Choosing the Perfect Shade

While it is particularly important to avoid damaging fine hair, adding a bit of color can do wonders for lifeless locks. Single-tone hair is one of the worst looks for fine hair. If you want to try to create a fuller look, work on adding the look of depth. Get a few highlights and lowlights. Hair that is lighter on the top and darker on the bottom with automatically look thicker. The addition of pigment to your hair will also plump up each strand a bit.

A full head of bleached hair can look too thin but a little bit of peroxide can go a long way. When you bleach your hair, the hair shaft nearly doubles in size so a few highlights here and there can add a lot of extra body.

Focus on Products

Fine hair is often prone to be oily. While you will need to wash it often, try to maximize the time between washes. When you apply conditioner, focus just on your ends. Your scalp is already producing enough oil and conditioner at the roots will just weigh your hair down.

Dry shampoo is one of the best products around for fine hair. Use it anytime that your hair is starting to look oily. If you hair isn’t too oily, it’s a great way to transition into washing every other day. The dry shampoo itself also plumps up the strand so leave just a little bit lingering behind for maximum volume.

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