What is greek life in college

I am a senior at The University of Pittsburgh. I am majoring in Communication with a minor in History and a certificate in Public and Professional Writing. I am a member of a sorority and also a Student Government Board Member.

Going to college is scary. We all admit that first week trying to find a few friends to have dinner with seems like the most difficult task in the world. But eventually many, like myself, find themselves calling college home.
Getting from point A to point B is the difficult part. I found my home, and I believe its possible for every college student. There are a few things you can do to ensure this process happens as well as to speed it up. The first, and biggest piece of advice anyone can give is to get involved. Join a sports team, a fraternity or sorority, a club, or anything that interests you. This is the easiest way to make friends, and you already know you have something in common.
I found what was most effective for me was Greek Life. So many people find their homes in Fraternities or Sororities. They are not for everyone, but they are beneficial in meeting people who are similar to you in more ways than one. This is a place where you meet your best friends, your wedding party, and your lifelong support.
The rush process basically forces you to find somewhere that you fit into. Once you’ve landed a house, you`re almost guaranteed to click with the majority of the people. But finding your best friends is not the only way this home is created. This is created through the vast network of friends you will find outside of that.
Of course your best friends are going to be who you stay up late studying with, and the first person you tell everything to, but you can probably find best friends anywhere in college.
Finding a home in Greek Life is about finding those people you are not as close with. It may sound crazy to you that the most important part of finding your home at college are the people you are not best friends with, but it is true. When something happens and you`re looking for support, the people least expect from are the ones you appreciate the most.
There is no other type of organization where people you haven’t talked to in weeks will get coffee with you just because you had a bad day or, in my case, drop what they are doing for a few hours every day to help you campaign for Student Government Board. A sorority or fraternity is the only place you will find commitment to every single member.
On top of the friendships you also have opportunities for service, fundraisers, and events. These help you to not only create a bond but also a sense of community. You are united with others under the same cause, working towards the same goals, and that is an experience that is hard to find.
Although you may not think Fraternity and Sorority Life is for you, it`s worth it to check out what it has to offer, and talk to people who have taken advantage of it.

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