Finding your path

Hi everyone my name is Sabrina Dixon, I am a graduate of Alabama State University with a degree in Communications emphasis on radio/tv. I’m originally from San Diego CA and I currently live in Lawrenceville Ga where I work for an HR company.

Transitioning into college is not as difficult as it seems. You worry about meeting new people and being popular all over again, especially when you decide to venture off to a place that is totally new to you and you have no friends or family to lean on. I think everyone, no matter what college you go to have that moment: when you’ve said your goodbyes to family and friends that helped you move into your dorm and you look around and realize for the first time that you’re on your own. You feel a little scared, you want to cry and run after your mom and say “wait I want to go back home”. But something in you says this is your opportunity to create the life that you want, be the person you’ve always wanted. You could have been the caption of the football team, the head cheerleader, a loner or the biggest nerd in high school. College is the place where you realize none of those matters, because you can change. Even if you decide to stay on the path you began in high school you begin to see that it doesn’t make or break you. You meet people who can relate to you and help you feel like you’re not alone. As you become more accustom to making your own decisions, you look back and think why did I care so much about what people thought of me? Or why did I want to be popular? You realize that’s not what’s important; you begin to take more pride in doing what makes you happy. College is more about finding who you are, and what you want to do with your life. Now it’s as easy as it sounds to come to this understanding, and some people find that the place they want to be is not in college. It takes lots of trial and error to find who you are and what you want, but for the most part that’s the fun of it all. Sometimes it hard and you go through periods where you feel like you’ll never get it together, and you wish there was someone who could just tell you where you should be. Sometimes you’ll find yourself saying I hate making decisions and want to just give up. It’s ok if it takes you a little longer to find it, you have to realize you’re not in competition with anyone but you and you learn your pace and what you’re comfortable with. You will find yourself comparing yourself to your friends or other acquaintances, and filling like you are making all the wrong choices, but who knows better what’s for you than you. Once you come to realize that you get a sense of relief and look at things in a whole new light. You don’t have to be the best at anything and if you want to learn how to be you take all the necessary steps to get yourself there.

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