Freshman Student at Louisiana Tech University from Shreveport, Louisiana.
Studying Fashion Merchandising and Journalism

You know you have found your personal style when someone asks you “who is your fashion inspiration” and your answer is “me”. It’s okay not to know what your personal style is right at this moment. In fact, since most of us are still trying to figure out who we are, a definite personal style doesn’t seem to fit the frame. Some people spend years and years going from preppy to rocker to boho. It is by experimenting that we have the more fun, and how we find what style fits best for us. A few tips that I choose to follow to help me find my personal style include:
1. Try to avoid buying a whole new outfit.
I know we get really excited about buying a whole new outfit, jewelry and all. But try to mix up the new pieces with ones you already have. Be creative and try to come up with an outfit designed by you, not a copy of the mannequin you saw at the store.
2. Pick your new outfit from your own closet.
You know those pants you bought ages ago and have never worn, and they are thrown in the back of your closet somewhere? Get them out! Put them on! There is a reason you bought them in the first place. Try to match it with one of your favorite shirts, or your favorite earrings to make you more confident in your outfit.
3. Recycle your closet.
One of my favorite things to do is to recycle my closet. The old pair of jeans that fit you, but you have just worn way too many times? Turn them into cutoff shorts! Turn your denim jackets into vests. Experiment with your clothes, and it might bring a whole new look to your closet.
4. Don’t shop at the same store every time.
Buying from the same store all the time makes it harder for you to branch out and find new things. Playing it safe makes it ten times harder, and ten times more boring, when you are on the journey to find your personal style.
5. Wear what makes you feel confident.
Even though there are a lot of different ways we can dress, the most important is to find that outfit that makes us feel comfortable. If you don’t feel comfortable in your outfit, then it’s not right for you. Wearing what makes you feel good about yourself is what helps the most when trying to figure out your personal style.

These are only a couple of tips that can help those lost souls trying to find their style. Although I’d like to say I fall somewhere between preppy and boho, I can still say that I’m still in my own path to find what truly suits me. Don’t be afraid to try different things! It is the way to finding our personal style that is the most fun. Because who would have ever known I could work a floppy hat if I hadn’t tried?

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